While the world says that change is the most constant thing in the world, but when it comes to video games, the trend never seems to wear out. People all over the world, spend a huge part of their lives playing different video games, which seems to grow with technology.

The latest trend in the world of video games is a game called PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) which has taken the globe by storm. It started as a game on PC run via the Steam software and is now available for free both on Android and iOS devices. Its craze is unbelievable as well as undeniable. The youth’s weird obsession with PUBG affects them adversely. Psychiatrists say that violence in the game can make people aggressive in real life.

Thus, due to its extreme adverse effects on the youngsters, the govt of many countries like Nepal and India have banned the game and since Pakistanis tend to be the victim of the game’s obsession, the govt of Pakistan too should ban it!!


Karachi, May 7.