LAHORE - Two children as young as five-year-old were found suffocated in a small flour-container in Lahore’s Hanjarwal on Saturday afternoon, rescue workers said.

A police official said the children were playing hide and seek at their house when they entered a small container placed in the kitchen. As they got into the iron made small container, its lid suddenly fell and get locked. As a result, both the siblings died of suffocation. The police handed over the bodies to the family after fulfilling legal formalities.

The deceased were identified as five-year-old Beenish and her brother Kamran. Local residents said the children were twins. A large number of people gathered outside the residence of the victims after the incident. Many emotional scenes were witnessed as the bodies were taken to their native village for burial.

An official of the Edhi Ambulance service said the mother discovered the bodies when she opened the container shortly before noon. The poor mother lost her mental balance after witnessing the bodies of her children. The incident took place at a house located in Thana Street in Hanjarwal. The family was residing in a small house on rent for the last couple of years.