HYDERABAD            -           In order to provide relief to people of District Shaheed Benazirabad and preventing hoarding and sale of es­sential items beyond the rate list is­sued by district administration and market Committee, the revenue of­ficials of all the four tehsils raided more than 70 shops and fine 13 shopkeepers of Rs 10,000 on the charges of violation of rate list.

The action is in progress from the first day of holy Month of Ramazan on the instructions of Deputy Com­missioner Abrar Ahmed Jaffar.

The teams of revenue officials raided shops trading with common consumer goods, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and grocery items. In tehsil Sakrand, Assistant Commis­sioner Muhammad Saleem Jatoi and Mukhtarkar Muhammad Wa­sim Lashari imposed fine of Rs .7000 on five shopkeepers involved in overcharging. In tehsil Nawab­shah,

Mukhtarkar Muhammad Ashraf Kumbhar raided different shops and recovered Rs 4000 as fine from four shopkeepers, In tehsil Daur, Mukhtarkar Imran Shabbir also im­posed fine of Rs 1000 on two shop keepers on the charges of violation of rate list.