Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan has permitted Pakistan Railways to resume train services of 30 trains under strict SOPs from May 20, Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed announced while addressing a press conference on Monday.

The minister said that 15 up and down trains would start operating from Wednesday to 31st of this month. He said that limited train operation would be started amid strict observance of Standard Operating Procedure enabling people to celebrate Eid with their loved ones. The minister said that ”he himself would supervise the operations of the trains.

Till 31st May, we would observe the overall environment and if God is willing and the conditions improve by June 1, the entire 142 trains could be allowed to operate, he added.He said that if there was any SOP violation, the divisional superintendent would be held responsible for it.

He said that Railways was losing Rs 5.25 billion per month during lockdown but he was thankful to the federal government for the support.He said that although the number of passengers per train had been reduced but the fare was still the same compared to India where the fare had been doubled.

He ruled out any conspiracy against the government and said those who came for conspiracy were in the blacklist and would be soon put on the ECL. He said that there would be clean sweep prior to July 31 and those who had looted the country would be put either behind the bar or on the ECL. He said that he did not see any amendment in NAB ordinance adding that he would not support any such amendment.