ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) healthcare worker, infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from hospital lost his life while battling with the virus on Monday.

It was the second death of a healthcare worker in the city, as earlier a doctor in private practice had lost his life after getting infected with the virus. The PIMS deceased employee was an Operation Theatre (OT) Technician in the Children Hospital of PIMS and was confirmed with the virus on May 3rd.

The documents said that he was amongst nine employees of the PIMS children hospital who were tested positive after a senior doctor was confirmed with the virus that had been performing surgeries in the OT despite having COVID-19 symptoms. Along with the deceased, three other OT technicians, two ward boys and two sanitary workers were also tested positive.

Doctors at PIMS said that the deceased employee who belonged to district Attock also had medical history of hypertension and was admitted in the ICU due to his critical health condition.  According to the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) details, the number of COVID-19 infected patients in the city has reached near 1,000 with 50 more addition in last 24 hours.

Seven deaths including of a doctor have been officially recorded by the ministry while 113 patients have recovered from the virus.

Documents said that the number of healthcare workers being infected with the virus in Islamabad hospitals is also increasing. According to the latest data 132 healthcare professionals including 54 doctors, 40 nurses and 38 other staff has been confirmed with the virus.

It also said that 119 healthcare workers have been put in home isolation and two were in hospital. As per the data, six healthcare workers confirmed with the virus were performing duties in critical care unit and 126 were deployed in other areas.

It also said that 287 contacts of the healthcare workers were traced and put in isolation and 17 of the contacts were also found positive when tested for the COVID-19.

Results of 39 contacts of the healthcare workers is still awaited, said the document. PIMS Executive Director (ED) Dr. AserMaxood talking to The Nation confirmed the death of Children hospital OT technician adding that some of the other employees are also positive.

He also said that PIMS children hospital’s other employees tested positive are ‘well’ while other healthcare professionals were also stable.

Last month, PIMS had closed its children hospital after a Senior Associate Professor (AP) was tested positive with the virus. The senior doctor was anesthetist and had travelled to Peshawar recently.

The doctor fell ill during the surgery in the operation theatre and he was tested for COVID-19 which resulted positive.

PIMS earlier this month also sealed its Mother and Child Hospital (MCH) for a week and started screening dozens after five more doctors there were tested positive with the COVID-19.

The PIMS MCH was observing hundreds of patients daily in emergency while the doctors on duty were complaining about non-availability of Personal Protection Equipment and possible contraction of virus from the community.

PIMS Media Coordinator Dr. WaseemKhawaja commenting on preventive measures in the hospital for the safety of healthcare professionals, said that all measures will be taken however it is community spread and the staff gets infected randomly.

He said that no doctor directly dealing with COVID-19 patients has been infected so far.

Dr. Waseem also said that all quarantine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is also being followed for the doctors.