MULTAN - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday warned India of befitting response if it conducted any misadventure in shape of false flag operation in India Occupied Jammu &Kashmir (IOJ&K).c

"Pakistan has information that India is planning to conduct a false flag operation in (IOJ&K) for which it is finding an excuse to accomplish its nefarious designs. In case, it repeats mistake like Feb 2019, it should wait for befitting response from us, " he said at a news conference at circuit House here afternoon.

“India can do anything in Held Kashmir to divert world's attention from its deteriorating economy. We have informed UN General Secretary, P5 countries besides raising this issue on other forums,"  Qureshi explained. Action should speak louder than words, he said adding that Pakistan did not like jingoism as it is a peace loving country.

Qureshi said that Afghan peace deal is a big development but some powers are creating hurdles in way of Afghan peace process. He said one power that created hurdle in Afghan peace process was in our neighbourhood. “The world needs to keep an eye on this country’s conspiracies,” he asserted.

He maintained that the ISIS and some other elements were also a big obstacle in way of peace in Afghanistan. He was of the opinion that Afghanistan’s internal issues caused delay in peace dialogue.

He anticipated that talks with Taliban would make progress and soon the release of Taliban prisoners would resume. He said that a favourable environment was needed for peace in Afghanistan and all had to play their role for this purpose. He said that Pakistan strongly condemned bomb blasts in Afghanistan. “We pray that Afghan leadership may sit together and work for promoting peace,” he added. 

He said that Pakistan did not want to get entangled into war hysteria but India was planning another fake flag operation. He added that India wanted to fulfill its designs under the guise of coronavirus. He said that Pakistan had informed the UNO and international community about Indian plan. He said that Pakistan had given a befitting answer to Indian adventure in February and if it took any likewise action again then it should wait for appropriate answer from Pakistan again.

The FM said that there were hopes that coronavirus would bring change in Indian behavior in occupied Kashmir but Kashmiris could not get access to hospitals and medicines. He pointed out that the Muslim majority was being converted into minority in Indian occupied Kashmir and Pakistan had raised this issue before the world. He was of the opinion that India could launch an operation in Kashmir to divert attention from its economic condition.

Qureshi disclosed that the government was going to approve Rs65 billions agriculture for the farmers in tomorrow’s cabinet meeting.

He asked PPP to refrain from playing Sindh card as it was time to play Pakistan card. “PPP can come to Punjab, it is their right while going to Sindh is our right. We don’t need any NOC from anyone for going to Sindh,” he added.

While answering a question, he said that he had tried to make Bilawal understand that PPP gave the fragrance of federation and refrain from plunging it into provincial division. “I have seen Bilawal since he was a child and he used to get rebuked by Mohtarma while standing in the corner,” he added.

He said that the PTI was well aware of benefits and importance of 18th amendment. “We don’t have

Two-third majority and therefore we cannot abolish 18th amendment even if we want to. PPP is doing politics on this issue,” he added.

To a query on sugar scandal, he said that neither the FIA report had disappeared nor Imran Khan had fallen to any compromise. “The investigation team had sought three week time which is over. Hopefully the report will become public soon,” he hoped.