MUZAFFARGARH        -           Swarm of locusts once again attacked the crops and damaged them badly on vast area of the district, said sources of agriculture department. The locust damaged cotton, fodder and sunflower badly in different areas of Kot Addu and Muzaffargarh, they informed. The district administration started spraying the affected areas, the sources said adding that locals were also helping the administration and were beating the drums to make locusts fly away. DC Amjad Suhaib Tareen  advised the farmers to inform administration about the affected areas so that spray could be conducted there.

Ten kilometres (km) long and three kilometers wide swarm entered the district  from Chowk Sarwar Shaheed  on May 13 traveling from Rojhan of Rajanpur district, they informed. On last Thursday night,  the swarm landed at Mahmood Kot and UC Noor Kubra, traveling on western side. The locust had moved towards Tehsil Jataoi and Alipur via Turkish Colony Mouza Sharifpura, Adda Ghulam Ali,  Basiti Jannat Wala and Khangarh, the sources stated. The swarm had traveled towards Multan later on.