ISLAMABAD - The COVID-19 may compel PTI’s government to resolve the pending legislative business issue of both the houses [Senate and National Assembly] by summoning a joint session of parliament.

Around half a dozen of legislative issues [bills] are pending in both the houses of parliament which can be lapsed by not performing necessary legislation.

Both the sessions of parliaments were not summoned for around two months due to Coronavirus scare. The lawmakers in recently called sessions of National Assembly and Senate had decided not to carry out legislative business as only debate on Corona virus was conducted. Background discussion with lawmakers revealed that the government has to summon special joint session only to dispose of pending legislative business of both the houses.

The government may call a joint sitting for one-day to quickly dispose of pending bill, which could not be passed or rejected in Senate and National Assembly for not calling its session. According to Article 70 Clause (2), “If a Bill transmitted to a House under clause (1) is rejected or is not passed within ninety days of its receipt or is passed with amendment, the Bill, at the request of the House in which it originated, shall be referred to a mediation committee constituted under Article 71 for consideration and resolution thereon.”

Sources said that the government senior lawmakers would opposition into confidence for disposing of pending business in joint session of parliament. The government side will contact opposition after discussions with speaker national assembly and Chairman Senate.

On the other hand, the opposition had already insisting government to complete 130 mandatory days of a parliamentary year of national assembly.

The government, in current parliamentary session, has to meet 53days to complete mandatory 130 days of a parliamentary year. “The national assembly has only met for 77days in a year, while to fulfill the constitutional requirement, the assembly has to meet for another 53 days,” said parliamentary leaders of PML-N Khwaja Asif, in his letter to speaker national assembly.