KARACHI           -         Sindh Minister for Information, Local Government, Housing and Town Plan­ning, Religious Affairs, Forest and Wild­life Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said major focus of the Sindh government in the next budget would be on the health sec­tor. The Minister said that in view of the situation emerged after the spread of the coronavirus, the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership had also asked the

Sindh Chief Minister to give priority to the Health sector in the forthcoming budget, said a statement on Monday.

The Minister said the Sindh govern­ment was also constantly supporting the Sindh Institute of Urology and Trans­plantation in which people not only from Sindh but also from all over the country come for treatment.

He said Sindh government had always been trying to provide maximum facili­ties to the poor in the Health sector.

The Minister said Sindh government was of the view that, improving health facilities in rural areas would reduce the pressure on the health facilities in major cities.

He said this was the reason why the Sindh government had paid so much at­tention in improving health facilities in the rural areas, adding that, now people

had access to the best treatment facili­ties to their neighborhood.

He said recruitment of doctors was also being done with the same thinking that they should be recruited with the condition that they would serve at lead for three years in rural areas.

He said the doctors who had been recruited on contract basis to look af­ter the patients of coronavirus would be posted at the health facilities in the rural areas of Sindh after seeing their performances.

Describing further about the health fa­cilities in Sindh, he said, not only a huge cancer hospital was built in Sukkur, but also alike in Karachi, a huge centre of SIUT was being built in Sukkur.

He said these two major health facili­ties of Sindh province which would ben­efit millions of people being fully funded by the government of Sindh.

The provincial Minister said the manage­ment of these two major health facilities was being managed by the eminent doctor of the country Dr Adib Hassan Rizvi.