ISLAMABAD - President Pakistan People’s Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Engineer Humayun Khan has expressed strong reservations on 10th NFC as the member KP does not belong to KP and this amounts to usurp right of the people of KP.

In a statement Humayun Khan has said that the nominated person Musharraf Rasool could not represent the people of KP.

He will not be able to protect the rights of the people of KP. “Was there no person on PTI from KP who could defend the economic rights of the province,” Khan asked.

Humayun Khan said that the people of KP will never forgive Imran Khan for mistrusting them and appointing a person as their representative who does not belong to their province.

He said that PPP will never allow anyone to usurp the right of KP. “There is no dearth of economic experts in the province so someone from KP should be appointed to represent KP,” he concluded.