In a TV talk show conducted by Mr. Kashif Abbasi the other day, he discussed with the members of his panel the financial crisis facing the country. Pointing to the luxurious life style of the rulers he quoted one incident when Mr. Mohammad Mian Soomro performed Umrah as caretaker PM. For this auspicious journey of a caretaker PM, a chartered plane was fitted with a bed and a conference table to provide him with the comfort and spiritual peace - at an expense of staggering millions billed to the exchequer. The government panelist in this programme simply shrugged off the question of the anchor saying "This amount is too small to be of any significance when the actual short-fall runs into billions". Can there be a joke cruder than this with the people of Pakistan who perch men like these on high pedestal of political offices? -DR SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, via e-mail, November 3.