The way to reach The Arts and Craft Village set at the foot of the Shakarparian Hills, all one has to do is zip across 7th Avenue and find it spread over 17 acres of land a short distance ahead. The running of this Village is hoped to restore the traditional and cultural heritage of Pakistan, simultaneously acting as a major tourist attraction. The Indus Heritage (a non- profit organization) in collaboration with the CDA began work on this Rs 180 million project in September 2006. The CDA approved the plan and initially allotted land for this project in Saidpur village. However, for the convenience of the public, its location was changed. Sanghi and Ahana (a government based organization) are helping this project by reaching out to the artisans and craftsmen and making them aware of its opening through their outreach programs. The aims of this Village are characterized under a "three pronged approach" said Ms Samina Aziz, who is part of the advisory committee. The opening of this Village will result in some of the poorest and downtrodden people in the region to be exposed to bigger markets. As a result of this, "the middlemen will be eliminated" she said. Dr Anees Rehman, the Vice Chairperson of Indus Heritage, stated how the middleman "gets twice the price with one-fifth of the effort" compared to the producer. Dr Rehman stated how "the concept of being lowly nowadays is about money" and with the opening of the Village, artisans and performers will earn a lot more hence gain back their self respect which he believes is the most "important aspect." By running the Village, the skillful traditions of this country will be preserved and passed on to the generations to come hence keeping these arts alive. Artist's studios have been constructed and accommodation for the craftsmen will be provided on the premises at a very cheap rate. Forty craft shops have been built with the incorporation of a village scene complete with mud huts that have thatched roofs. Five food courts selling food from different areas of Pakistan, 4 to 5 big shops, 2 cultural complexes (Tharparkar and Swat district) along with 2 chai khanas have been created. Despite the fact that the main construction in the Village has been completed, it seems that the inauguration will not be as early as the planned date, which is by the end of this year. The finishing touches to the buildings as well as the roads and landscaping are yet to be done. Once completed, the Village is going to be a major tourist attraction in the Capital city- giving Islamabites a flavour of the arts and crafts from all over the country. We hope the real beneficiaries will be the artists and artisans for whom this project has been launched.