I am sorry to say that one of the best business school of Pakistan; the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is faced with destruction from within. The IBA administration with its bureaucratic and dictatorial attitude is creating a lot of problems for its students. In the current situation where the worldwide focus is on rights of the individual, such insolent violation of the student rights is condemnable. Students had great hopes from Dr. Ishrat Hussain but he has simply presided over an anti-student faculty's ham-handed handling of their charges. Mr. Mobin Khalili, the Controller Examinations, for instance, has acquired for himself the image of a despot of sorts who is willing to expel and suspend students on the slightest of excuse. And that too, without giving them even a cursory hearing. Dr. Ishrat seems unable to control his choleric Controller Examination. The result is a despicable environment of fear and harassment in IBA. -A CONCERNED STUDENT, Karachi, via e-mail, November 7.