LAHORE - NWFP bowlers Nauman Habib and Shakeel-ur-Rehman rattled Punjab batting on the opening day of the fifth round match of the RBS Pentangular Cup here at the Gadaffi Stadium on Tuesday. These two pacers along with Junaid Khan, Younis Khan and Aslam Qureshi reduced Punjab to 238 for eight in 72.5 overs. Only player who kept thing tightly held for Punjab was Azhar Ali. The opener was holding the front against all odds and the time the day was called off, he was batting at 116. However, the poor condition of the host team can be gauged from the fact that 29 was the second highest score made from the whole bating line up and that came from Mansoor Amjad. SCORABOARD PUNJAB 1st innings: Mohammad Hafeez c Jan b Nauman    12 Azhar Ali not out    116 Umar Akmal c Jan b Nauman    4 Mansoor Amjad c Jan b Nauman    29 Mohammad Ayub c Shoaib b Rehman    8 Khurram Shehzad b Rehman    13 Mohammad Salman b Younis    8 Abdur Rehman c Rafatullah b Aslam    10 Wahab Riaz c Raees b Junaid    19 Mohammad Talha not out    5 Still to bat: Mohammad Khalil EXTRAS: (12 lb, 2 w)    14 TOTAL: (8 wickets, 72.5 overs)    238 Fall of wickets: 1-23, 2-29, 3-90, 4-107, 5-121, 6-131, 7-168, 8-218 BOWLING: Nauman Habib    18.5-4-51-3 Shakeel-ur-Rehman    19-8-45-2 Junaid Khan    21-2-74-1 Younis Khan    2-0-3-1 Mohammad Aslam    12-1-53-1 NWFP team: Yasir Hameed, Adnan Raees, Rafatullah Mohmand, Younis Khan, Aftab Alam, Shoaib Khan, Zulfiqar Jan, Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Nauman Habib, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Aslam. Toss: North West Frontier Province won the toss and decided to fieldUmpires: Nadeem Ghauri, Saleem Badar Referee: Khalid Niazi.