ISLAMABAD Thousands of women took to the streets on Wednesday against US presence in the region in a protest titled 'Go America Go Rally organised by Women Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Islamabad chapter. Addressing the rally, JI Amir Syed Munawar Hassan demanded of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Gilani and Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani to inform the nation about the balance sheet of military operations, as terrorism had increased manifold. He strongly condemned the governments policies and suggested that the Army Chief should write a letter to US President Obama to halt drone attacks instead of dispatching message to tribal elders. He said it was very strange that dialogue was being proposed to India, a country threatening of direct attacks, while an operation had been launched against own countrymen. The JI questioned the prospective result of the operation when five million people would be displaced and also asked why the Army and government were hesitating to take action against former president Pervez Musharraf. He said that it was a miscalculation of the top military and civil leadership to enter the notorious US-led Nato alliance against so-called War on Terrorism. 'Do More mantra of the US had damaged sovereignty of the country of 170 million to a great extent. He claimed that the secret terrorist force of the US, Blackwater, was the perpetrator of the terrorist attack on GHQ. There is a dire need to conduct an independent inquiry into the GHQ attacks, a very embarrassing incident in the countrys history, he maintained. If the Taliban executed the attack then should it be accepted that they are much mighty than the Army, and if a foreign hand was involved behind the malicious act, then it should be exposed. Amir JI demanded of the government to keep a strict eye on the activities of US terrorist operators like Blackwater in the country. On name of expansion, the US embassy in Pakistan is trying to establish a mini Pentagon in Islamabad, which is alarming, he regretted. Despite the prevailing uncertainty in the country, the gathering of thousands of women in the Capital showed their concern for their beloved country, he said. He demanded that the US diplomat be declared as non-persona Greta (undesirable person) as he issued a disputed statement in Quetta, adding that the entire nation rejected US intervention. The JI Amir said that the US has made Pakistan a battlefield to cover its defeat in Afghanistan as the Taliban have defeated the US and its allies. He said that twenty million people voted against the Kerry-Lugar Bill, as the nation is ready for struggle. He said there is a need to adopt Jihad as culture as it is the real power of the masses. He said that friendship with the US is dangerous, as the US wanted Indian supremacy in the region. He said that the Governor of Punjab issued a statement about ending the punishment for violators of the blasphemy law, adding that Altaf Hussain also demanded to allow Qadayanis to preach, which was against Islam. Media coordinator JI Pakistan Hafiz Sajjad Qammar, General Secretary JI Punjab Nazir Ahmad Janjua, Amir JI Rawalpindi District Raja Abdul Waheed, and Amir JI Islamabad Syed Bilal also addressed the 'Go America Go Rally. The peaceful protestors were holding placards inscribed with slogans like 'Go America Go, 'Ham Bahimat qoum hain America ko Bhagain geh (We are a brave nation and would force the US to exit), 'Dr Aafia Muhammad Bin Qasim ki Muntazir Hay (Dr Afia is waiting for Muhammad Bin Qasim), etc. Shahida Shabir, an organiser of the rally, said that the current sensitive situation forced them to come out of their houses. She said that it was the time for sacrifices, as the enemy of our country was busy in destabilising the country. Another group of women holding a placard inscribed with the slogan, 'Hukmrano Sharma kayo Dr Afia ko Rhea kayo vowed that they would continue their struggle to spread awareness among the countrymen. Excessive security measures were taken by the Islamabad Capital Territory administration at this occasion.