Afghanistan's three key neighbours Pakistan, India and Iran are very important to bring peace and stability in this war-torn country, Pentagon has said. "India, Pakistan, Iran, all of Afghanistan's neighbours are ultimately very important to the stabilization of that region. They all need to be playing a positive, productive, constructive influence on Afghanistan ," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters. Morrell said Russia has played a very constructive role with regards to US operations in Afghanistan. "We have developed a whole alternate supply line network to keep our forces supplied, and they were instrumental in us being able to bring in routes from the north so that we were not solely reliant on what are also very important routes through Pakistan," he said in response to a question. "So they played a very constructive role there. They played a constructive role in terms of counternarcotics. They played a constructive role in terms of supplying Russian-built helicopters to the Afghan Air Force, who are used to and most comfortable dealing with those aircraft," Morrell said.