BEIJING (APP) - The Sindh government plans to establish three Special Economic Zones (SEZs), besides setting up Education City and Marble City in the province. Unveiling the three major SEZs namely Fisheries Special Economic Zone, Livestock Special Economic Zone and Special Economic Zone at Dhabeji at a Forum here, Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Investment Zubair Motiwala invited the Chinese investors to avail these opportunities and invest in these SEZs and other projects. He said Fisheries Special Economic Zone offers immense opportunities to the Chinese investors for investment. Highlighting Sindhs competitive advantages, he said Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) intends to establish Extension and Common Processing services with foreign assistance, marketing 100 fully developed fish farms, 25 hectares each, managed jointly with experts for 2 years. He further said that the province also offers investment opportunities in Livestock Special Economic Zone spread over an area of 2,500 acres identified near Bhambhore. At the Livestock SEZ, he said 1,300 acres of land has been allocated for farming purpose and 1,200 reserved for grazing. The Livestock Department with international assistance offers the Extension and Common Processing services, marketing 300 fully developed meat and dairy farms of 5 acres each that would be managed jointly with experts for 2 years. He said that government of Sindh has earmarked 2,000 acres of land for the SEZ Dhabeji, near Port Qasim industrial area that is located 50km from Karachi international airport. It will have an Expatriate Enclave with modern infrastructure and tax incentives package which will include exemption of custom duties and Taxes strictly on import of capital equipment. The federal government/Utility agencies, he said will provide gas, electricity and other services at the zero point, adding that the captive power generation will also be allowed to developers. The Education City (EC) is another ambitious project of Sindh Board of Investment to be established with the objective for Fostering a better tomorrow for future generation. Zubair Motiwala pointed out that approximately 9,000 acres of land has been notified for the EC. The core elements of EC, he said are establishing educational and health institutions that will address countrys challenge of higher education. The Educational institutions will create the opportunity for private R&D businesses as a component of EC. The EC will have world class facilities, he said, adding that as many as 23 higher learning educations have already given their consent. Regarding establishing Marble City, the Advisor said that Sindh has billions of tons of marble and granite reserves. The SBI, he said intends to develop Marble City in Karachi on 300 acres for which land has been allocated by Board of Revenue. The potential projects for investment included Quarrying (Mining), warehousing, machinery manufacturing and machinery pool. He also highlighted the opportunities for investment in agriculture sector, alternate energy projects, and Thar coal. He said that Thar coal has the potential for 200,000 MW for 300 years, adding that 2 percent utilization of reserve can produce 30,000 MW. Speaker Sindh Assembly Nishar Ahmad Khuhro was the chief guest at the Sindh Trade Investment Forum which was also addressed by Secretary Sindh Board of Investment M Younus Dagha Chinese investors and others.