The federal government keeping in view the concerns and hardships of growers has decided to increase the support price of wheat from Rs950 to Rs1,150 per maund. The farmers and wheat growers have lauded the federal government for reasonable increase in wheat support price and said that it will help in lessening their miseries. They were of the view that due to increase in inflation, prices of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and transport charges they were facing problems but government decision would give them a little relief. But on the other hand common man was not satisfied with the government decision of increasing support price of wheat and said that it would result in imminent surge in price of atta (flour) which was not affordable for them. They suggested the government to give relief to wheat growers by offering subsidy in electricity for tube wells, fertilizers, seeds and agricultural medicines. It is worth mentioning that the farmer organizations were demanding the government since long to raise the wheat price after the surge in prices of fertilizers and other agriculture-help apparatus. People at large and those linked with food industry are worried, as according to them, this price hike will provide spur to the price of almost everything. Agri-experts say that the government should provide fertilizers, seeds and agri-medicines to the farmers on cheap rates; instead of fuelling the support price of wheat.