ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Commerce Amin Fahim on Friday said Pakistan wanted to increase trade with the world but at the same time measures would be adopted to strengthen the local industry and achieve the positive results. He was talking to a delegation of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) led by its chairman Muhammad Asad, which met here with the minister to discuss current business situation and impact of pharma import from India under MFN status. The government was committed to protect interests of local industry, he said and added PPMA would be engaged in the deliberations with Ministry of Commerce as they are open for any sort of queries relating to the issue. Amin Fahim assured the delegation that PPMA would be taken on board with regard to recent Commerce Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, as to what has been further agreed towards finalization of the negative list. In his presentation, Chairman PPMA recommended that all finished pharmaceutical products should be placed in the negative list. He said exemption should only be given to pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment, packaging material, pharma machinery & medicines for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Thalassemia, and vaccines which are not manufactured in Pakistan. Muhammad Asad also presented reports of several international bodies and Indian Chamber on the quality of Indian pharmaceutical products. Stressing the low quality standards of the Indian pharmaceutical products, former chairmen PPMA, Amjad Ali Jawa and Saeed Allawala presented a comparative study of difference in the drug regulations being practiced in Pakistan and India. Saeed Allawala dispelled the impression that Indian pharmaceutical products are cheaper as compared to Pakistan. Member of Central Executive Committee PPMA, Hamid Raza said Indian pharmaceutical market is highly protected as it is imperative for a pharmaceutical company to build its own plant over there in order to get its products registered. He stressed the need for protection of local industry in Pakistan as well. The delegation was informed that Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has constituted sector specific committees to take the stakeholders in the confidence regarding preparation of the negative list.