WASHINGTON (INP) - US State Departments deputy spokesman Mark Toner has refused to comment on news of Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqanis resignation, saying it is Islamabads internal matter. Briefing the media on Thursday, Toner said that resignation of Husain Haqqani was his personal issue with Pakistans sitting leadership who appointed him and gave tasks on certain issues and the US has nothing to do with it. Commenting on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, the State Department spokesman said that the US considers Afghan Loya Jirga an important process despite the fact that some elements have opened new war fields against jirga to halt the progress on peace and stability. We are going to wait for it to take its course, the Loya Jirga, before we comment on all the specific outcomes of it, he said. Toner said it was a chance for Afghans to use this forum to discuss the future relationship between Afghanistan and United States. We believe the end result is going to be an affirmation of that partnership. The US and Afghanistan, in terms of bases, that we share the same goals, he said. The State Department spokesperson said the Loya Jirga is an opportunity for Afghans to discuss these goals in details and they should avail it for resolution of their reservations.