LAHORE Haste makes waste. Built in only 135 days, the Kalma Chowk Flyover has develped dangerous cracks. The state-of-the-art-flyover has deteriorated in just 90 days, TheNation has learnt. However, area people terming the deterioration of the flyover with poor planning and construction of underpass alleged that the experts and engineers of Contractor Company, in order to hide from view faulty construction work, started surfacing and carpeted the damaged portions of the flyover overnight and without wasting time so that they could save themselves from any criticism or inquiry in this regard. Deterioration of the flyover started within some months of its construction perhaps due to use of substandard material, they alleged adding that on the strict directions of the provincial government the construction work of such flyover was being done in haste and haste always makes waste, and what the government did, resultantly construction company will have to face consequences might be in shape of financial loss. Whereas, the officials of National Logistic Cell (NLC), the contractor company were of the view that the main objective of the surfacing and carpeting of the flyover was to level the road surface in order to avoid bumpiness because the joints of blocks usually cause difficulties in smooth flow of traffic and might cause any mishap. Contradicting any deterioration in road or that there was not a single crack in any block of the flyover While talking to this scribe, Project Director of Kalma Chowk Flyover, Sabir Khan said that the construction work of the project was according to international standards and there was no chance of any complaint of defective construction work. He said that there was no crack appeared in any portion of the flyover so far. So far as the carpeting of the Kalma Chowk Flyover was concerned, it was part of the finishing work the flyover. He said that work for the construction of underpass and on other linking roads was continued while the people associated carpeting of such roads with the repairing of the flyover. Talking about the complications during construction of the underpass particularly after the completion of flyover, he said that technically it was hard to manage such type of situations but it was not impossible because the expert engineers have capabilities to tackle these kind of problems during construction work of the underpass. Earlier, due to this technical fault, the design of the flyover was criticised by the experts declaring it a defective design and said that the flyover became narrowed after the completion of Proposed Rail Transit Project. However, the Chinese experts later cleared it declaring the project feasible after they visited the site, he added. He said that the experts filled both sides of the foundation of such underpass with concrete and metal in order to strengthen the pillars of the flyover because these materials have capacity to bear the heavy load and maximum pressure as well and there was no chance of any damage to flyover due to construction of underpass. It was pertinent to mention here that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the construction work of flyover on March 4, 2011 after allocating a huge amount of about Rs 2.8 billion for the construction of flyover only and he inaugurated the flyover on August 14, 2011 after completion of the project.