SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW YORK - Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested across the United States during day long rallies on Thursday, including at least 240 in New York City, despite the breakup of many of their encampments by police, authorities said. Five police officers were sent to a hospital after a demonstrator threw an unknown liquid at them, possibly vinegar, NY1 said. The arrests in Manhattan were made when Occupy Wall Street protesters tangled with police while trying to march on the financial district. "This is what democracy looks like This is what America look like," the protesters chanted. Other arrests were reported in other cities across the nation, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami and Portland, Oregon. The marches coincided with the two-month anniversary of the start of the anti-greed protests, which began on Wall Street and spread nationwide. The New York Times reported protesters' "Day of Action" included an attempt to disrupt the New York Stock Exchange, subway demonstrations, blocking the street at the Brooklyn Bridge and confrontations with police in New York's Zuccotti Park, the focal point of anti-capitalist movement. The Times said five people were charged with felony assault. Seven officers and 10 protesters were injured, police said. The New York protest began peacefully but grew tense as police began making arrests when some demonstrators tried to climb over barricades, the New York Post reported. Other people were handcuffed and taken away after they sat on the ground despite police orders to leave. "My question is how is that illegal to stand there? I got pushed and stepped on. This is the United States of America. I can walk on any sidewalk I want to," said Jessica Allure, 24, a student.