LAHORE Former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was the biggest hurdle to embark on Atomic Program in Pakistan. Former Prime Minister Bhutto had no ability to run the state affairs. Former Pakistani officials including Gen Zia ul Haq were agents of the foreign agencies. In 1995, the CIA officials used to pay dollars to the tribal leaders to accomplish their vested interests. Many religious scholars are also working for the CIA. Moreover, Pakistan is considered to be the largest obstruction in the way of New World Order. These views were expressed by Commodore (R) Tariq Majeed in an interview with the Family Magazine (Farzana Chaudhery).Majeed said that the Zia Plane crash was wrapped up by Ghulam Ishaq Khan adding all the evidences regarding this tragic incident can be found in my book. Talking about the Pakistani Nuclear Program, Majeed said, the real founder of this program was Dr I H Usmani who established Atomic Energy Commission in 1960 and stressed upon the need of a Re-Processing Plant in 1963 that led to Gen Ayubs visit to France.