KARACHI (AFP) - Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif on Friday lashed out at a former ICC anti-corruption chief for taking a decade to reveal that all top international teams were involved in fixing, not just Pakistan. Paul Condon, the founding head of the International Cricket Council's anti-corruption unit, revealed this week that all of cricket's leading countries were involved in the fixing of major matches. "In the late 1990s, Test and World Cup matches were being routinely fixed," Condon said in an interview with the London Evening Standard. "There were a number of teams involved in fixing, and certainly more than the Indian sub-continent teams were involved." Latif questioned why it took Condon so long to make that revelation. "I can't understand why he took 10 long years to unearth the fact that all the teams, in one way or the other, were involved in fixing," Latif told AFP.