OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Chairperson Tehrik-e-Takmeel-e-Pakistan, Seema Mehmood Ali, who is the daughter of late Mehmood Ali, a close colleague of Quaid-i-Azam and federal minister, has announced to establish Mehmmod Ali Scholarship for the 'Waqaf Aal Aulaad Fund. It may be noted here that Waqaf Aal Aulaad Fund was established by late Mehmood Ali. Seema Mehmood Ali, who is the custodian of Waqaf Aal Aulaad has made this announcement on the 5th death anniversary of Mehmood Ali on Friday. She also introduced Hajra Excellence Award, while the students studying in Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam will take benefit of both the programmes. Seema said that Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam is a public welfare institution, which was established in 1943. She added the institution had nurtured and raised 30 children came from Bengal and provided all necessities of the life to them besides the education.