The truth, somehow and in the ultimate analysis, has such a way of emerging from the securest depths that it sweeps away all the camouflages and clever cover-ups. The rumblings, which were continuously being heard since the damaging article in the Financial Times by Mansoor Ijaz that appeared on October 11 this year, have sent huge shockwaves to the Presidency. The ongoing, one-on-one meetings at the President House are a testimony to this fact. It was a brilliant tactic to use Mansoor Ijaz, who has a track record of offering services to go-between the American and Pakistani governments, and who is not held in very high esteem by many here, so that denial of complicity with him is believable, if the need arose. But it failed because the MI kept the evidence and the probing eyes of those whose job it is to remain informed have seen it. Drafted and sent to Admiral Mike Mullen in the wake of the OBL operation in Pakistan, the memo seeks protection for the civilian setup in Pakistan from the American government. The civilian setup, in return, promises the moon to America. The moon being an inquiry commission on OBLs presence in Pakistan, in which the Americans would sit in the judgment, US troops given a freehand to conduct operations on Pakistani soil, a new security team put in place and Pakistans nuclear assets to be put under a verification regime. Thats not all There was also the promise of the ISI being cut down to size and Pakistani officers to be handed over to India. This message was sent to Admiral Mullen at a time when the entire nation was taken by surprise at the OBL operation and was questioning the army high command of how such an event came to pass. The army was on the back foot as it were. This is a 1971 moment in Pakistans history, reads the memo. This translates to meaning that we can whip them in to a subservient role, if the US ensures our stay in and control of power. The realisation that we have placed in power those who care very little for the dignity and self-respect of the countrys image is actually, a 2011 moment for us. Among our own selves we can question, criticise and refute any policy of any institution of the government and thats acceptable. But to send a memorandum like the one in question to a superpower is utterly unforgivable. It cannot be overlooked or forgotten. The Supreme Court must examine the evidence and take this issue to its logical conclusion so that the fuller and clearer picture emerges. If nothing else, it will tell us who not to trust with responsible offices in the future like the pushto proverb, which goes, azmai huey ko dobaara nahi azmaatey. The sacking or resigning of Hussain Haqqani alone, as our Ambassador to the USA, is not going to cut it. There may not be enough black and white evidence to show that the memo had the Presidents approval, but it is clear to even those who are certified dimwits that HH could not have done this by his clever little self. It is too serious a matter. Just when the President thought he had situations on all fronts in his control, with particular reference to the MQM, PML-Q, PML-N, some superpower (no reference to the USA) has moved the goal posts again. The year, full of the most unexpected happenings, promises to end on the same note. Who could ever have thought that two of the cleverest political minds that this country has yet seen, and two which have really made all other established leaders look so silly at times, could have left such a trail, if the MI does, indeed, have incriminating and irrefutable evidence. There is news from another teller of truths in London. Dr Zulfikar Mirza has proceeded to England and has given some evidence in his possession to the Scotland Yard to help them in solving the Imran Farooq murder case. Unlike Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Dr Mirza continues to express loyalty to the PPP, but says nothing will deter him from doing what he has set out to accomplish - the annihilation of the present leadership of the MQM. Politics and political leaderships, as we have known them in the post-Ziaul Haq years, are undergoing changes with direct challenges to their positions. The credit for which goes, in no small measure, to the media that remains alive to everything and brings events to our TV sets even as they unfold. Postscript: The Prevention of Anti-Woman Practices (criminal law amendment) Act 2011 finally got approved by Parliament after an approximate three-year long struggle. Its passage is really good news for the women of Pakistan, who have been treated no better than slaves almost, even in this day and age, and remain without rights particularly in the rural areas. The passage of the bill, put forward by the PML-Q member, Dr Donya Aziz, marks the setting in place of a framework that can serve as a vital foundation for future change. It will prevent discrimination and victimisation of women. The new law makes it an offence to deprive women of their inheritance, to settle disputes by giving women in marriage and forcing them to marry the Quran, among other things. The change has to be set in motion by making women aware of their rights and educating them about what to do when wronged wilfully by the male members of their families. Another happy event has been the wedding of our beautiful actor and director Reema Khan to an affluent doctor in America. Reema, over the years, has grown into a most poised and well groomed representative of Lollywood. Our loss is, as always, Washingtons gain The writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad. Email: