Last night there was an interview of ex-President Pervaiz Musharaf on TV hosted by Mr Brehalvi. He seemed to have gained some confidence and was sitting quite smug listening to comments from people of Pakistan. One has to admit that Musharraf had done a marvelous job with the Economy and general progress during his stay in power. Pakistan had gained on many fronts. And I admired him for that. However, towards the end, he seemed to have lost his focus on First Pakistan and focused on his staying on. This is a standard malady of anyone in power in Pakistan. One may even pardon him on that account, being human. But, two of his steps taken have utterly destroyed the edifice of Pakistans politics and future. These were the giving of free access to the Americans to operate in Pakistan at will, and the nefarious NRO. Both these decisions or acts have, and will continue to have, disastrous effects on the future of Pakistan for a long time to come. Very rightly, he was thrown out, and good riddance. Probably, he has not stashed away billions abroad like all our former erstwhile rulers and their cronies. And we all thought he was dead and gone as for future politics in Pakistan. And rightly, he was out of the news. But, recently, he has begun making waves. One reason, understandably, is the dismal performance of the present government. But I see another, more ominous reason. CIA. Yes, its the CIA and America that is sponsoring the return of Musharraf. They see Imran Khan firing the public imagination as a saviour of the nation. Now Imran Khan has very clear cut views of what is good for Pakistan and what is not. And also, he appears to have the courage and will to ensure that. Therefore the Americans see him as a grave danger to their nefarious designs on Pakistan and the region. Hence the Americans are going to try their best to make sure Imran Khan does not come into power. Zardari and co are now of no use to the Americans anymore. So they are now, as is their wont, lobbying for their own candidate for power in Pakistan. And Musharraf has proved his loyalty to them already. So far all our rulers have come to power riding on American support and largess. Now here is a great chance for all us Pakistanis to shape our own future. Do we want to free ourselves of foreign yokes, or remain slaves to America and co? Do we support and vote for American lackeys and thugs tried out so many times, or do we want to support and vote for an upright and sincere leadership? There is no dearth of dedicated talent in Pakistan. We must dump the old thugs, cheats and liars no matter what their rhetorics and satanic promises. Stay clear of them. Bring in new younger, honest, dedicated and nationalist technocrats and good administrators into power who are transparent and are willing to remain so. Pakistans history is at a great turning point. Let us all grab this chance and turn our dear country round towards progress and prosperity. Let us support the party that has proved its credentials, and totally shun those that have let the country down so many times. The responsibility lies with us, the people of Pakistan. We can make history now. Let not the future generations say that we did not prove equal to the task. AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, November 17.