LAHORE - PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif on Friday called for the formation of an investigative committee, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan, to look into the facts behind the alleged letter Ambassador Husain Haqqani sent to former US Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen through businessman Mansoor Ijaz. The committee should comprise the judges of the Supreme Court, Senators and MNAs, members of civil society, and present its report in 10 to 15 days, he said at a news conference at his Model Town residence. The former prime minister said it was a sensitive issue linked directly to the security and integrity of the country which should not be ignored at any cost. In case the committee was not set up or its findings not made public, it would raise suspicions in the minds of the people, said the former prime minister. Sharif said the government had set up a commission on the Abbottabad episode, but despite the elapse of seven months the nation knew nothing about the matter. On May 2, US commandoes had conducted a top secret mission to kill Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, with no clue to the security agencies of Pakistan. A commission headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice Javed Iqbal is recording statements of all the relevant people, but so far it is not clear how long would it take to submit its report to the government. The PML-N president said the issue of Husain Haqqanis letter should not be dealt like the Abbottabad episode. Asked what options the PML-N was considering other than submitting resignations to bring down the government, Sharif advised the questioner not to get impatient. Be patient; dont try to make me impatient, said the former prime minister. As for MNA Khawaja Asifs statement that the party legislators could quit the National Assembly during the next couple of months, Sharif said the legislator from Sialkot had been very careful while giving his views. He said the matter had come under discussion at various party meetings and Khawaja Asif had given his point of view even at those sessions. However, the final decision on the subject would be taken after due consultations, Sharif clarified. In response to a question, the PML-N chief said his party would not tolerate any unconstitutional step against the system. Well not support any unconstitutional step. We have taken oath not to support any establishment-sponsored move in any case. He said extra-constitutional steps were taken many a time in the past. But, he said, he would like to advise all politicians to learn from their past mistakes and not to tolerate anything against the basic law in the future. He said hidden hands were responsible for the dismemberment of Pakistan, Pak-India wars, Kargil conflict and acceptance of all US demands after the 9/11 tragedy. The hidden hands, the former prime minister said, had also been playing a role in the dissolution of assemblies and the break-up of political parties. He said these hands should stop playing their games now. Although the PML-N chief did not name anyone, it was a clear reference to the army and the security agencies. Asked if he would accept the fall of the government as a result of some decision of the Supreme Court, Sharif said the apex court takes all decisions on merit, not on the asking of anyone. He said he was proud that his party had played an important role for the restoration of the judges sacked by Gen Musharraf. He told a questioner that he would address the public meeting to be held at Faisalabad on Sunday (tomorrow). In response to a question, he said when former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had met him some weeks ago, he was interested in joining the PML-N and the party was willing to accept him. He said at a meeting scheduled for Nov 22, the two sides would take up the thread where they had left it at the first round. Qureshi had already parted ways with the PPP and is scheduled to announce his future course of action at a public meeting at Ghotki (Sindh) on Nov 27. Qureshi is also in contact with the PTI and he is expected to join either of the two parties. Asked to explain his earlier statement that someone was trying to mislead the younger generation, the PML-N chief said everyone knew who had done what for the youth. He recalled that his government had given a 2020 Vision which would have changed the destiny of the country if the setup had not been overthrown. He said Pakistans ambassador to US must be a patriot.