KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly session, which summoned after a long period, continued for only 15 minutes, passing of two resolutions unanimously to pay homage to Begum Nusrat Bhutto and condemnation of the allegations being levelled against President Asif Ali Zardai and MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The first sitting of the session started at 11:55am, about two and half hours late against the schedule of 9:30am, under the chairmanship of Acting Speaker Shehla Raza. Despite presence of the required number of lawmakers to meet the quorum for commencing of the session, it was delayed as PPP ministers were busy in meeting with MQM lawmakers on a mission to not table the resolution against former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, which may cause embarrassment for ruling party. Before commencing the sitting, the MQM lawmakers circulated a resolution among the journalists, condemning the allegations of Zulfiqar Mirza against their party chief. However, after meeting between the two parties, Mirzas name was deleted from the resolution. Heer Soho of MQM tabled the resolution which was signed by five other colleagues. Without discussing and delivering speeches, the House adopt the resolution unanimously. Earlier, before tabling of the resolution, the Sindh Food Minster Mir Nadir Magsi went to all the desks of the PPP lawmakers and convinced them to support the resolution. The circumstances of delay in the commencing of the sitting posing the worrisome of the PPP leaders because they believed that party lawmakers may go against the censure resolution of MQM, if the name of Zulfiqar Mirza was mentioned in it. The PPP leaders succeeded in their efforts by getting the name of Mirza deleted from resolution, which gave them a sigh of relief from possible division among the ruling party in the House, sources said. The Sindh Assembly also passed anther resolution unanimously, which was tabled by Law Minister Ayaz Soomro. The House in its resolution also offered condolences to her daughter Sanam Bhutto, son-in-law Asif Ali Zardari and other members of her family. Meanwhile, the lawmakers of PML-F, PML-Q and PML-Likeminded were already left the House due to delay in commencing of the sitting. Later, talking to the media, PML-F leader and provincial minister Jam Madad said that his party would not take part in any resolution relating to controversial allegations. However, they had planned to take part and support the resolution for Begum Nusrat Bhutto but the PPP did not consult them. He said that the required number of lawmakers was present, but its commencing delayed without any reason. Later the proceedings were adjourned till Monday. Meanwhile, PPP MPA Aisha Khoso while talking to the media said that she and other colleagues would continue their support for Dr Zulfiqar Mirza. She said that the importance, which the Dr Mirza had earlier, was still enjoying the same in the party. She further said that she and other party lawmakers will oppose any privilege motion or resolution tabled against Dr Mirza in the House.