ISLAMABAD PML-N came down hard on ruling coalition on the secret memo saga in the National Assembly and demanded a joint session of the Parliament to unmask the real faces behind the highly controversial matter. While, quickly responding on the issue, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani told the House that Ambassador Haqani has been summoned to explain the situation. He also ruled out any unconstitutional change in the country saying only people will bring change in 2013 through elections. Responding to various point of orders of PML-N lawmakers, he said he had already issued a statement in the Assembly in response to a point of order raised by Leader of the Opposition in the House. So raising this issue time and again is wastage of time. There are also several other issues in the country which should be discussed, he said. Mr Gilani vehemently denied President Zardaris involvement in the scandal. The government holds the Pakistani intelligence and military in high esteem and they will be protected at all costs, he said, adding: We should show political maturity regarding this matter. Panic has been created because of one newspaper article, he said. We have already taken action. What else do you suggest we do? he asked. Newspapers print many articles against you and me, should we believe everything? he asked. He reassured the Assembly that rumours of the country being divided or the dissolution of national intuitions are baseless. Amid cheers from his party members, Mr Gilani tried to appease parliamentarians by saying that the government will resolve the issue regarding the memo scandal just as it has tackled others. The government is repeatedly facing crises and is mentally prepared to tackle any issue as it is used to facing such issues every morning. When we wake up in the morning, we ask 'what will be the issue today? he remarked. He ended his speech by saying: Ghum-e-ishq gar na ho ga, toh gham-e rozgar ho ga, (If it is not heartbreak that will bring you down, it will be unemployment woes). Taking the floor, Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar in reply to the PMs speech, said this issue would not be resolved only through a point of order. He said the government kept mum over this matter for two months, but now the cat is out of the bag. This issue would not be resolved only with the resignation of someone. We need clear stance of the government....Either Zardari sahib disassociate himself from this issue or bring all those involved in this episode to justice. The government authorities kept mum on the issue and later an unclear clarification came on the issue but now the cat is out of the bag, he said. He also demanded of the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and all concerned to come prepared on Monday to make situation clear. Earlier, the PML-N legislators Iyaz Amir, Khwaja Asif, Ayaz Sadiq called for proper probe into the recent revelation regarding the memo. Ayaz Sadiq said there should be proper investigation into the matter and those involved in this saga be tried under treason charges. While sharing his information, he said Ambassador Haqqani had hosted a dinner at Pakistani Embassy in Washington which was attended by eight persons including Pakistani and US citizens. One of the persons was a US state department official named the dinner Haqqani told participants that he knew that the US had decided to bomb 362 sites in Pakistan, he maintained. Ayaz amir said it was much serious issue and debate should be carried out on it in the house. He said that the clarification on this matter was unclear. Having almost same remarks, PML-N legislator Khwaja Asif demanded a debate on the issue in the house.