OUR STAFF REPORTER SADIQABAD - The failed and corrupt federal government had no right to rule the country, the PML-N chief said while talking to partys central working committee members hailing from district Rahim Yar Khan at his residence in Raiwind, Lahore. The Go Zardari Go campaign would be made successful in collaboration with the people, Nawaz Sharif told the leaders including former National Assembly deputy speaker Jaffar Iqbal, MNA Begum Ishrat Ashraf and Political Assistance to Punjab Chief Minister Zeh Jaffar. He said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N was a party of sincere and principled persons and it would never forget the sincere officeholders who had sacrificed for the party in deteriorating situation. Mr Nawaz went on to say that the PML-N would settle all the party issues such as allotment of tickets after discussion with senior leaders and keeping in mind their suggestions. He also said, We give importance to the party leaders, and their viewpoints on national issues were considered and pondered upon. He also termed Jaffar Iqbal, Begum Ishrat and their families an asset, directing them to expedite the process of reorganisation of the party and keep in touch with sincere and loyal workers and encourage them. However, the Rahim Yar Khan leaders briefed him on national, provincial and especially on the party and political issues of the district. INQUIRY AGAINST FOREST OFFICIALS: The Anti-Corruption Department has launched an inquiry against three forest guards including a range officer for allegedly plundering millions of rupees with connivance of timber mafia in district Rahim Yar Khan. As per details, the Forest Department officials with connivance of the timber mafia sold government wood and trees worth millions of rupees from different parts of the district. In reaction, the several citizens had filed complaints with the anti-corruption police station against the officials and the timber mafia. Therefore, different accused were summoned by the police for investigation.