OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - M Asif, Imran Shahzad and M Sajjad all from Punjab and Sharjeel Mahmood of KP have reached the semi-finals of Del Monte Ranking Snooker after grabbing top two places in their groups here on Friday at South End Club. Sharjeel Mahmood topped eight players group A with Imran Shahzad taking second place. M Asif clinched the top perch in group B with M Sajjad taking second position. M Asif (Punjab) will face Imran Shahzad (Punjab) in the first semi-final on Saturday and Sharjeel Mehmood (KP) meet M Sajjad in the second. Results: Imran Shahzad (Sindh) got walk over against Sohail Shahzad (Sindh), Sultan Muhammad (Sindh) beat M Asif Toba (Punjab) 4-2, Naveen Perwani (Sindh) beat Abdul Sattar (Sindh) 4-2, M Asif (Punjab) beat Shahid Aftab (Punjab) 4-2.