LAHORE PML-Q Forward Bloc in Punjab Assembly, which claims the following of around 47 members, will not follow the PML-N dictates if the latter made a decision to use the resignation option and take an independent course in this regard, insiders in the Bloc confided to The Nation on Friday. However, insiders making a surprising revelation told that some of the members of the Bloc had given their resignations to the Khawaja Ahmed Hassan, PML-N manager of the PML-Q rebels at the time of Governor rule in Punjab and the mentioned resignations still lying with the PML-N. This development emerged after the PML-N high command deliberations to use the party members resignations from the National as well as Punjab Assembly as a tool to pressurize the government to succumb to their demand of early elections. PML-N top leadership while charging the government of serious crimes had time and again stated that early elections should be held to seek fresh mandate in a bid to end the miseries of the masses. Insiders further revealed that members of the Bloc who have not been taken into confidence in any of the policy matters of the Punjab government and many of them not given positions were angry with the PML-N rulers and decided that they would make an independent decision regarding the option of resignations. They maintained that architect of the Bloc, Mian Atta Manika and its parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly, Dr Tahir Ali Javed along with what they called sane group of the Bloc havent given their resignations despite the insistence of Khawaja Hassan saying that they were still a dissident faction among the PML-Q. However, they added that some members for the purpose of sycophancy of the high command of the PML-N and to get prized positions given their resignations but the same got nothing. When contacted, Dr Tahir Ali Javed said, Members of the Bloc will not tender resignations on the call of PML-N and take an independent decision in this regard when the situation arises. He added, We are the majority group of PML-Q dissidents in Punjab Assembly, which comprises 47 members and will not follow the suit of PML-N blindly in case of resignations from PML-N members. Dr Tahir proposed that all the opposition parties should sit together to take a unanimous decision over the issue the option of resignations to demand an early elections. Mian Atta Manika, founder and architect of the Forward Bloc, which later they named the Unification Bloc, when reached said, We will not follow the dictates of the PML-N and its manager handling some members of the Bloc and take our position when the situation arises relating to resignations. He said, The Bloc members expect few should not be taken as granted by the PML-N leadership and they are free to take an independent course in case of the resignations from the PML-N members. Manika said, We are legally part of PML-Q, as we are elected on the symbol of bicycle and this reality will remain with us till the completion of term of the current provincial assembly. Coming hard on the PML-N leadership, he said, Members of the Bloc neither have say in the policy matters of the Punjab government nor the provincial rulers bothered to consult them. Depicting the real position of the Bloc, he remarked that they were just 'show piece in the provincial set up and nothing more.