Reko Diq does not seem to stop making news. TCC, the company developing the resource has served a 'notice of dispute' to the government of Balochistan which binds the provincial government to resolve the disputes with TCC within 120 days, failing which the dispute will go to international arbitration. This is indeed a bad news for Pakistan. With economy already in shambles - this news does not bode well for the country. No serious investor would ever turn to Pakistan, especially in the mining sector. Why has been the government of Balochistan dragging its feet on Reko Diq? And really if there was anything shady in Reko Diq deal, the Supreme Court would not have asked the government of Balochistan to follow rules in the matter. Moreover it defies logic that an investor like TCC which invested millions in Reko Diq project exploration could be denied the right to mine the resource that it identified as viable and feasible. The state of mining sector in the country indicates that the government has not shown any vision in developing these resources to benefit the people of Pakistan. And now by attempting to snatch the rights of a legitimate investor it has again demonstrated that lack of vision. If the government of Balochistan was so good in developing the natural resources by itself, then why didnt it have a single success story to show? Can it tell that how much has it invested in exploration of mineral resources of the province? Why does it need to infringe upon the rights of foreign investor when we are already starved of FDI? As a concerned citizen I appeal to the government to look at the bigger picture and not to jeopardise Pakistans future for short term gains. Stability of policies and respect for rules is at the heart of the matter to ensure investors confidence in Pakistan. NAUFIL SHAHRUKH, Islamabad, November 16.