KARACHi ACCA Pakistan organised an accountancy forum in Lahore today. The event aimed to surface the challenges facing businesses and in particular the accountancy profession through an exciting mix of three discussions on Risk and Reward shared perspectives, Maximising People Power effective talent management in finance and the eProfessional embracing learning technologies. These innovative discussions were moderated by prominent industry experts, says a press release. In his opening remarks, Arif Masud Mirza, Head of ACCA Pakistan commented about the three sessions of the conference saying that businesses should monitor their impact on climate change and also mitigate the risks the organisations face as a result. There needs to be full commitment from companies to identifying and managing all material risks facing them, both in the short term and the long term. These risks must be seen to include risks of an environmental and reputational nature. This needs to be followed up by effective disclosure regulations and enforcement of those regulations by the authorities. He further said that organisations have to be ready for the next generation entering the professional world. Employers have to keep pace with the changing technological advancements in order to attract talent from generation C (born after 1990s). Regarding the e-professional session, he said ACCA is shifting to e-assessment methodology making its qualification even more accessible. Mr Arif Mirza also appreciated the sponsors of the event namely ICI Pakistan Ltd, Pepsi-Cola International Ltd, Philip Morris (Pakistan) Ltd, CIPE, Telenor Pakistan Ltd, PTCL and Servis Industries Ltd. He added that these sponsors and partners have not only endorsed the event with their logos, they share the same values that ACCA has.