Rivers know no boundaries, they traverse many countries as also the provinces within those countries. River Rhine emerges from the Swiss Alps and flows through France, Germany and the Netherlands on its way to the North Sea. These countries share 21 hydroelectric stations on River Rhine between them. They provide power to the giant Ruhr and Basel industrial centres and to the other industries and communities in these countries. Also provide cheap ample water for agriculture and drinking water for 20 the million people in these countries. Our leaders instead of standing at the Three Gorges Dam in China and making absurd claims about building similar dams, should go to the Rhine countries to see how civilised countries, and the civilised people within these countries, amicably share their common resources. In Australia, the people living in the plains are known to have funded hydroelectric projects in the mountains for the mutual benefit of the lower and upper riparians. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 17.