PESHAWAR Criticising the government over the controversial memo to US administration, Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party-Sherpao Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has said that requesting to the US to interfere in the countrys political affairs is tantamount to giving an open invitation to the foreign power to trample over Pakistans sovereignty. The disclosure by a Pakistani-origin American businessman Mansoor Ijaz that the President of Pakistan has allegedly sent a memorandum to US administration to seek help against military and ISI chiefs has caused tension between the military and the civilian government, besides providing a hot issue to the opposition to accelerate anti-government campaign. Sherpao said while addressing a press conference that it was shocking to know that the rulers of a sovereign country threw its sovereignty into the lap of another country at a time when, we often talk of safeguarding our national sovereignty. He said the memo annoyed them as it showed the people in high offices were conspiring against Pakistan and seeking help of others. Seeking help from another country against the own army is a shameful act, Sherpao said, demanding a judicial inquiry into the issue. The former interior minister and the two-time Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister said the nation had the right to react to this action. We want to oust the government, but we will not support any extra-constitutional action in dislodging it, he said, adding that his party would put pressure on the government by using democratic and constitutional means. He said PPP-S would use parliament, media and public to force the rulers to step down. The coming year, which will be the fifth year of the sitting government, will create an atmosphere of elections. So, we will support every movement that will be launched by any party for toppling the government but will take a word from them that they will neither support extra-constitutional action nor prepare ground for it, he added. Sherpao said he was shocked by the air chiefs statement that the air force had dropped 10,600 bombs on Pakhtuns. We demand an inquiry into the bombing and want to know how much collateral damage this bombardment has caused, he added.