Thousands of people around the planet marked Guinness World Records Day with bid to get into the record books. Ranging from the weird to the downright dangerous, bids included 57 people in Canary Wharf, London, who piled into a large pair of bright pink underpants to break the record for the most people in a pair of pants. In the German city of Hamburg, a man ran a record-breaking 120 metres with his protective clothing on fire, picking up a prize for the longest distance full-body burn without oxygen. Essex played host to the largest Cream Tea Party, attracting 334 people while Dubliners managed to return the record for the most people dressed as leprechauns to Ireland from the US when 262 donned costumes. Canary Wharf also held a world record race between the fastest toilet, the smallest roadworthy car and the fastest mobility scooter. In the Netherlands, 1,541 took part in a mass Macarena dance while in Florida, 91 year-old Bernice Mary Bates was named the oldest yoga teacher. The worlds tallest Basketball player, British man Paul 'Tiny Sturgess, measuring 231.8cm high also posed in front of the British inventor of the worlds smallest legally roadworthy car Perry Watkins in his vehicle measuring 104.14cm high, 66.04cm wide and 132.08cm long in Londaon. Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor, said: This year, it seems to be about bringing records back home to the people who are most passionate about enjoying their culture and national identity. ON