OUR STAFF REPORTER OKARA - Police arrested two suspects for stealing parts of railway track at Raiwind-Khanewal section. The theft has caused a loss of hundreds of thousands of rupees to the Pakistan Railways. The stolen parts have been recovered. The Railway police arrested Jehangir and Aslam red handed when they were stealing rail line parts such as screw and tension clumps. ROBBERY: Two robbers held car riders on gunpoint and snatched Rs 400,000 from them on the Okara-Depalpur Road. Usman Ghani of village Shahamand, Fakhar Hayat and Majid Hussain were on their way after taking the cash from Sharqpur Flour Mills on the car. Near 32/2.L, the two motorcyclists intercepted them and deprived them of the money. The robbers managed to escape despite the police reached the spot on time.