LONDON - As if Pakistan was not big enough an arena for his wily political showmanship, former Sindh home minister, Zulfiqar Mirza landed in London midweek to take on the Muttahida Qaumi Movement supremo, Altaf Hussain, who has found a secure home in Britain ever since he put in an asylum application here in 1992. Mirza seeks Hussains extradition if charges of serious criminality are proven against the MQM leader with the help of documentary material he has brought with him and plan to share with the British police. Mr Hussain, his party and partymen are seriously perturbed by Mr Mirzas coming to Britain to say the least. Mirza, on the other hand is enjoying playing the matador and the bull at the same time. His British itinerary is being updated on hourly basis and British Pakistanis who thrive on the daily dose of political talk shows on Pakistani satellite channels are lining up to hear him out. So far, he is confirmed to have penciled in multiple public speaking engagements in London. Others are scheduled in Luton, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and High Wycombe. He has already spoken at the House of Lords and Oxford University to packed houses. His detractors were duly present on both occasions and have already lost keenly contested shouting matches. Speaking exclusively with this scribe, Mirza explained the reason behind his coming to London. I am on a jihad against this mafia and terrorist organization called the MQM. I have sacrificed my ministry, my position in the Pakistan Peoples Party and my membership of the (partys) central executive committee. I am on a mission to expose them and stop the killing machine that they operate in Karachi. This is part of the original plan. I told him that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader Imran Khan had also come to London a few years ago with similar resolve and commitment to take a legal course against the MQM on similar charges, and after consulting lawyers, addressing public meetings returned home without success. Mirza was unmoved. Unfortunately, Imran Khan Sahib (he likes being courteous) has never been in a position where he could boast to possess an official version. I have been the longest serving home minister of a province in Pakistans history. I have watched them (MQM) very closely and I am in possession of a lot of official documents that were meant only for my eyes and ears. On top of it I have a lot of additional information that was not directly in my domain but I have secured it. Mirza, who is in Britain on the invite of a London-based group called Friends of Lyari International, said he had and would keep sharing the documents and information with the British authorities to plug the holes in the on-going police investigation (in the murder of MQM convener Dr Imran Farooq last September). What I have heard is that there are a few pockets of vacuum in their investigation. I am here to help. If I am told of the dead ends that they (British police) face then I have enough material to fill all those blanks. But why focus on MQM only when the whole country is facing a meltdown? Is his tirade against Muttahida a sideshow only to distract attention from the rampant corruption and inefficiency in Islamabad where his benefactor benefits from his focus on the peripheral party? Because, he said: There is no other party which kills its own members if they dare oppose the leader. Once they have spoken against the leader, MQM members do no return home on two feet; they are carried on peoples shoulders to a graveyard. They blame the establishment for action against them. I challenge them to name the killers of Azeem Ahmed Tariq, Badar Iqbal and Razzaq Khan all senior MQM men killed by their comrades. The former Sindh minister has a bone to pick with the British government too for providing sanctuary to Muttahida leaders and men. I am at a loss why this modern, egalitarian and equitable country is knowingly and willingly harbouring criminals, murderers, rapists of highest order. Saying MQM men were facing thousands of case of heinous nature like murder or grievous bodily harm but allowed to let go by the infamous National Reconciliation Order of Pervez Musharraf. Mirza reserves his harshest criticism for Altaf Hussain and sticks to his accusation that MQM leader is a murderer, a rapist, and a criminal. He then looked at me with a steely gaze as if wanted to be challenged on the nature or ferocity of his accusations. I am saying what my religion has taught me and will continue to do so till my death. My tragedy is that I always asked my Allah to make me face an enemy worth a fight. Unfortunately, this time again Allah has made me fight a 'zalim, beghairat and darpok enemy. Mirza said he was pressurized to shut up and stay put. Different tactics were used to silence me. We eastern men are vulnerable to pressure of our beloved wives. I was pressured from that corner too. But I only thank Allah who gave me courage to stay the course and continue to seek what I needed. He repeated to me what he had already said in one of his talks in London about sharing the information with anyone who so desired. I have promised to hand over copies of documents to Lord Ahmed and requested him to show it to people who need to see them to believe me. I can not hand them over to all and sundry because that would harm Pakistans solidarity and integrity. But the paperwork would expose the real face of these people (MQM) who portray themselves as innocent and nave, he stressed. He said it was sad that some people still talk about the propaganda that he was waging the anti-MQM jihad on the behest and backing of President Zardari or Army Chief General Kiyani or ISI chief. I have left President Zardari who I believe is unconsciously harbouring these terrorists (MQM). I have said it repeatedly with Quran on my head that I am doing it purely on my consciences call. It is an insult to any Muslim if he is still being asked the same question. He was frank in admitting failure of Zardari government in delivering on promises made to people or hopes that were attached to PPP government after the death of Benazir Bhutto. Conditions are bad. Peoples hope that were revived really high once Zardari Sahib raised the slogan of Pakistan khappy But as a former PPP minister and now as a common citizen of Pakistan I feel that hardly 25 per cent of those hopes and aspirations have materialized. I asked him if the governments near-failure to perform was due to mal-intent or inherent incapacity. None of the two was his plain answer. It is because our priorities changed once we were in the government.