Out of brain, heart and hands, there is no doubt that the brain is always the most important organ or gadget so to speak in the whole of human machinery. Brainless actions guided by an eager heart always lead to a wholesale catastrophe. Successful are those who think well before they leap; whose actions are under the command of their brain not their heart. The actual problem begins when our heart starts thinking and becomes the controlling authority of all our actions. Ruling all over the world without any sharing and interference is a natural desire of every living nation but most of the times this desire remains a dream when it is not patronised by the brain. All US efforts to defame Pakistan as a terrorist country also fall in the same strata. The US policymakers in their heat and haste are behaving in a childish manner ignoring all rules and regulations which are the basis of cordial relationship among nations. Recently The Times has published a report exposing US support to Taliban for opening of their office in Qatar by the end of year 2011. The only motive behind this stealthy stratagem is certainly to rule out all possibilities of Pakistan having any say in Afghanistans future. Such a covert hypocritical endeavor by US is nothing but simply a part of the old time double game which the US authorities have always been playing at the cost of peace, prosperity and security of the Pakistani nation. It is a strange contradiction that on one hand the US is always asking Pakistan to do more and more against Taliban but at the same time it is trying its level best to strengthen its relations with Taliban. A few days back Victoria Nuland; State Department spokesperson said while talking to media-men that military assistance to Pakistan would be tied to its ability to cooperate with US in the war against terrorism and it is very much obvious that according to the US book of terrorism, the war against terrorism means the war against Taliban. Here, we must also keep in view the warning of Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that the US would do whatever it feels better to defend American forces in Afghanistan from Pakistan-based militants; Haqqani Network. Propagating Pakistan as a terrorist breeding ground will simply hamper Pakistans sincere efforts against extremism and terrorism. Before blaming Pakistan for providing shelter to extremists and terrorists, the US policy makers must cast a look at the recent terrorist attacks by NATO supported armed groups of militants inside Pakistani territory. If our American friends are really sincere and honest in their desire to crush terrorism they will have to abandon the brainless approach of labeling every Pakistani as an extremist and of blaming Pakistan for every act of terrorism. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, November 16.