OUR STAFF REPORTED LAHORE Okara District Police Officer Raja Abid on Friday produced a medical student, Maryiam Lashari, before the Lahore High Court after recovering her from the custody of her parents. The girl insisted to go with, a traffic warden with whom she had contracted a love marriage. Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sidhu asked the girl to whom she wanted to go with. Maryiam gave vote in favour of her husband Humayun Shahzad. At this the judge asked the girl that why she deceived her parents who looked after her for so many years. The judge remarked You should have better concentrated on your studies and left the marriage issue with your family. However, the judge allowed the girl to proceed with her husband and disposed of the petition. Maryiam was a student of medicine imagining technology in BS honors. Humayon Shahzad had filed habeas cuprous petition for recovery of his wife Maryiam Lashari. He had contended that he and Maryiam got married against the will of her family three years ago.