Haaris Ramzan Much has been written and said about Imran Khan as a politician, who would eventually end up as a failure and further lead the country into chaos. All such critics have their logic and reasons, which to the best of my understating are self-founded and with lesser force. My understanding of Imran Khan is very different and like others I have my own rationale. Of course, people have the right to disagree. To begin with, the most cardinal principles that our Founding Father, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had given us were, Faith, Unity and Discipline. Needless to say that his vision and ethics were very tightly knitted with the principles of Islam. Without doubt, these three values have an incredibly strong impact while achieving career goals. Without faith nothing can be achieved. Faith could be in ones ability or the team with which one intends to attain certain aspirations. A very recent worldly example is of Steve Jobs. He with undoubting faith in his abilities did wonders and has left his name in the annals of history. Similarly, Quaid-i-Azam with his faith achieved Pakistan. However, faith without unity and discipline cannot accomplish the optimum results. With respect to Imran, the three fit in perfectly. He started off his cricketing career as a failure. He was dubbed as a player who had no future, rather he was completely written off. At that point in time, any normal individual would falter, never to rise again. With tremendous perseverance, dedication and extreme hard work, he rose as not only the best Pakistani cricketer, but also a world beater. Moving further, he always aimed to become the best in the world and take the country at the highest level of success. Here, he acquired the art of leadership. Critics refer to Imrans leadership abilities in the cricket field as a complete contrast to the world of pragmatism. Unfortunately, they miss out on the vital point that he practically exhibited all the right ingredients for a leader. For instance, a leader always leads from the front. He leads by example. Whatever he preaches, he follows it first. He is fearless and volunteers to take the responsibility in testing times. Against this backdrop, history shows that whenever the Pakistani cricket team was in a difficult situation, Imran never cared for his person and always took the onslaught head-on. The prime example is the 1992 World Cup where he had a severe shoulder injury, yet he played the entire tournament by taking pain relieving injections, only for the glory of his country. Such examples are hard to find, indeed. In addition, through his leadership qualities, Imran was always able to motivate his team and did achieve the unthinkable. And how can we forget his concept of cornered tigers through which he infused the spirit of self-belief in the players? It was due to this exceptional quality that he produced a team of brilliant competitors, which ruled the cricketing world for almost 10 years even after his retirement. Throughout his career Imran not only emerged as a great cricketer and leader, but was also able to win the respect of his biggest critics purely on the basis of his hard work and determination. Moving ahead in life, he replicated the similar leadership ability during the establishment of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC). The project from the onset was an unbelievable prospect, yet he had the vision and courage to emerge as a leader and, indeed, did the improbable. The formation of Namal University is yet another example of his ultimate resolve. Even though Imran is not a 'career politician, yet I find truth in whatever he says. At this juncture, it is important to define the term politician, as the nation remains unclear. In accordance with the traits of the present political leadership, the term refers to an individual who is an opportunist, considers idealism obsolete and realism the art of life, short-term gains are more important than national glory, education immaterial, integrity lesser than vested interests; the list goes on and on. What these politicians fail to realise is the presence of integrity and credibility in a leader. Having been proven corrupt members who had plea bargained, individuals with fake degrees are the worst elements of the society that must be condemned to teach a lesson to the future generations. All the political parties must realise that having such people in their ranks would never serve their cause, if any. In contrast, Imran Khans Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) has inducted people of highest repute and integrity. Many of his team members, such as lawyers, businessmen, doctors and other professionals, have tremendous achievements in their professions and are highly respected by the people. I as an ordinary citizen would like to rest my fate in these self-made souls, with credible career paths and achievements. His team is young and new, yet it has all the important elements that are significant for success. The October 30 jalsa at Minar-i-Pakistan was not merely a congregation of political workers, but a true representation of the people of Pakistan. I being a lawyer and an active participant of the judicial movement was in a commanding position to decipher the difference between those who came for a change and those with vested interests. Among the gathering of more than 200,000, were the rich and the poor and they all were disciplined and united with a faith that Imran would lead them out of the miseries that have been inflicted on them for the past many years. The writer is a practicing barrister and advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan, and an alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) organised by the US Department of State. He is also the founding chairman of the International Law Committee of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHBA). Email: haarisramzan@hotmail.com