The call by a group of US Senators to block Pakistans aid through certain amendments is unfortunate. The Americans have proven time and again that they are bad at returning favours. After sacrificing thousands of its civilians and armed forces personnel, mass-casualty retaliatory attacks destroying the peace of the country, this is what we are getting in return. Instead of compensating us for the losses, and standing shoulder to shoulder with us, Washington is doing the maximum to further weaken the country. One cannot help but feel that there is something seriously wrong with the perception of a large chunk of the American public as well as those at the helm. It all fits in with the grand US strategy of saving face in Afghanistan and cleverly heaping the blame on Pakistan. This may be why in Islamabads power corridors a foreign policy shift is in order. The US has lost a valuable and a loyal ally that had single-handedly helped it scare away the Soviets back in their place, and also enabled them to extend their hand of friendship to China. The problem with the US is that it is loathe to see Pakistan looking after its interest, which is silly of them, since it is perfectly normal for any country around the world to protect itself. What is it that the Americans have not done to watch their own national interests? Pakistans previous and present setup has even been acting as a US errand boy in the region and the fact that still it could not get into its good books is distressing. And then on top of that we have Ambassador Munter fluttering about lecturing that both countries should respect each other. While he was making the statement, American pilot-less drones were bombing out areas in North and South Waziristan in their daily routine of manslaughter. What kind of a joke is the US playing with Pakistan? If this is how relations are kept between two equal and friendly partners then wed be better off going separate ways. The PPP government at the centre must see that the American Senators proposal to block the aid is yet another manifestation of the unpopular strategy the US nurtures against Pakistan. In the days ahead, it is clear we would have to deal with the Afghan conundrum on our own. The need of the hour is to frame policies that suit Pakistan. Reconciliation process with the disgruntled tribesmen should be pursued without any further delay.