ISLAMABAD – The landmark Supreme Court judgment in the Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan case is not likely to be implemented in the near future because of the question of jurisdiction of various state institutions and other technicalities.

The Federal Investigation Agency has decided to start an inquiry against the alleged recipients of money in the case. However, the agency is yet to take a decision on whether to issue a notice to the ‘accused’. It is not clear how much time completion of the investigation takes once it begins. According to a source, since the apex court has not sought a compliance report, the FIA is free to take as much time as it deems necessary to complete the investigation.

Another problem facing the FIA is the fate of the former generals. The FIA thinks that it has no powers to take any action against former COAS Gen Mirza Aslam Beg and former ISI chief Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani.

The agency thinks that both the generals have already been ‘convicted’ by the court after which the FIA becomes irrelevant. The FIA also thinks it is for the government to proceed against the said two generals.