VEHARI - Mitroo Police Station Muharar Muhammad Hussain Sahoo along with his two accomplices has been arrested on charges of dacoity and cattle thefts. The Mitroo Police have registered a case against the accused on the directions of Vehari DPO Shakir Hussain Dawar.

Reportedly, unidentified thieves took away three buffalos of one Umar Rath, a resident of Mauza Rath Saee the other night. However, some villagers spotted them when they were loading the cattle heads onto a vehicle and raised alarms. At which a number of villagers woke up and started chasing the accused. On information, Mitroo Police SHO Sadiq Baloch also reached the scene and joined the chase.

Taking stock of the situation, the culprits unloaded the animals and ran towards the residential quarter of Mitroo Police Muharar Muhammad Hussain. The SHO also followed the accused and reached there. He caught the accused along with the muharar while changing the wet clothes and two of their accomplices managed to escape.

Meanwhile, DPO Shakir Hussain Dawar has also served show cause notices on Mailsi DSP and the Mitroo Police SHO over the incident.