NAB’s Chairman’s Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari knows well that he is wearing a crown of thorns. During his press conference at NAB headquarters, he was quite direct in pointing a finger of accusation at what he called a troika of bureaucrats, politicians and private mafia indulging in mega-corruption.

His resolve that he would not rest unless he had nipped the evil in the bud is unflinching. It would help revive the people’s confidence in an organisation that in the past has been used as a tool of intimidation of political rivals. Broadly speaking, the plague exists everywhere in most organs of the officialdom and in forms that is even hard to notice. The pity is that there are plenty of laws but they are in statute books only, it seems. The situation requires individuals of spine and character to follow them up in their true spirit. The country’s major organisations and departments have been hit by the worst financial irregularities amid Supreme Court’s expressing its exasperation every other day that crooks are free to loot and plunder. Hopefully, Admiral Bokhari may turn out to be an upright warrior that country needs to slay the corrupt. He would face pressure but in a society that has a free judiciary and free media, he should bravely venture for the fulfilment of the challenging undertaking.