ISLAMABAD – Residents of E-11 sector feel quite conscious about loss of any parks, petrol- CNG station(s), and excess of pye- dogs in their locality.

Almost all parks of related residential sectors have their own multiple parks, but none is available at all less monitored E-11 located behind Golra. Plenty of visible land is available or could be acquired for this purpose, while the only marked area for the purpose has already been allotted as plots.

Similarly lack of petro-CNG station (s) is also keenly felt, while groups of pye-dogs roam the area with quite a protocol, making citizens-residents unsafe.

Meanwhile, lack of car parking facility in all the markets of federal capital have not only retarded pace of business activities but have given rise to traffic mess.  In all the larger and smaller markets including Blue area, Aabpara, Melody market, Super market and Jinnah super, car parking facility is next to nil. The car owners park their cars along side the roads which causes not only traffic jams but also lead to multiply road accidents.

“We can not find space for parking our motor cycle in the market what to speak of car parking. We have to park them in front of homes and we have to incur wrath of the owners of the homes, said a trader.

Due to lack of parking arrangements, I stopped my car in a vacant space but on my return it was found missing, said a citizen. Car lifting incidents are on rise due to insufficient facility of car parking, he added.

The citizens and traders demanded immediate steps for providing car parking facilities in all markets to allay traffic mess.