The Federation Monday again filed a petition in the Supreme Court to review the apex court's verdict in the Asghar Khan Case.

Earlier on Saturday‚ the petition was returned as it did not include the Court fee of Rs10 thousand.

The 16-page petition seeks review of the observations of the apex court vis-a-vis office of the President.

The review petition maintains that the Asghar Khan case was about rigging in 1990 election and no questions were raised about the office of the President. Therefore‚ the court should not have given verdict on this aspect.

The petition says the incumbent President assumed office in 2008 and as the court was informed earlier no political cell existed in the presidency since then.

In a 16 page petition filed by Deputy Attorney General on Saturday‚ the Federation has sought review of observations of the apex court vis-a-vis office of the President.

The petition also stated that the office of the president is a political position and that it cannot be clubbed with service of Pakistan rules.

The petition says that the court has not the authority to deliver any verdict against the present‚ adding that the president is the elected representative of specific and could not be stopped from taking part in politics. The petition says that president is elected by all provincial assemblies‚ Senate and National Assembly‚ adding that president could not be stopped from meeting with the politicians.

The petition says that it is wrong interpretation of judges that president has no immunity from the Article 260 of the constitution‚ adding that president also not come under the definition of the Service of Pakistan like prime minister and ministers. The petition says that the case was about 1990 elections and summoning of the secretary of the incumbent president was discrimination because there was no complaint of presence of any political cell in president during the tenure of the incumbent president. The federation has requested the court to take back the observations‚ which has been given in paragraph three of the details of the role of president in Asghar Khan case.