ISLAMABAD  – The Ministry of Information Technology has been running with acting head for several months which is a major stumbling block in way of introducing 3G spectrum in the country, an official of IT ministry has said.

The economic trouble shooters of the country are expecting to generate Rs.80 billion from the auction of 3G technology but its auction could not materialise so far mainly because of government’s non-serious attitude towards this key ministry.

Sources told here on Sunday that the IT Ministry was not doing its assignments as majority of the senior officials of the IT ministry are acting or contract basis while incumbent government has not appointed permanent head of the ministry during last four years.

Official sources told that most of the departments working under the shadow of the ministry have no heads and being run by the government on contract basis and adhocism which is creating unrest among the relevant stake holders of this key ministry.

“Everybody in these departments is on acting basis so how it is possible that department would run smoothly without any problem and would be able to bring huge investment in the country, source informed.

Government is showing non seriousness to appoint permanent heads of National Telecommunication corporation (NTC), Telephone Industry of Pakistan (TIP), Pakistan Software Export Promotion Board (PSEB) and certain others which are very unfortunate with this sector that has the potential to bring billion of rupees investment in the country.

According to the Pakistan Economic survey report 2011-12, cellular industry managed to double its growth rate from the previous fiscal year and telecom sector remained an important contributor depositing over Rs 100 billion on average each year to the national exchequer.

Report further stated that during first two quarters of 2012, Rs 58.1 billion have been deposited to the national exchequer and revenue of telecom sector reached to at all time high during the 2012 standing at Rs 363 billion and revenue has showed increase of 5.4 percent as compared to the last year.

During 2011, cellular revenue increased by 11 percent to reach Rs 262.761 million as compared to Rs 236.047 million in the previous year.

In this regard, convener of national assembly sub-committee on IT Ms Anusha Rehman told that adhocism in the ministry shows complete non seriousness of the present setup towards this sector which has potential to bring billion of rupees foreign direct investment in the country. She said that government should focus on this key sector and maintained that if proper attention should be given then this sector can pays much more than now.

It is pertinent to mentioned here that the Prime Minister is head of the IT ministry but he is least bothered about the future of this potential sector.